Song of 8

CHOREOGRAPHY • On the relationship between the visionary and the erotic •CPH. DENMARK • 6th 12th OF MAY, 2021 “Are we like Narcissus crawling through the black light of a forest and stumbling upon our silver face in a pool of water? Cursed to love a hope without a body, to seek and be sought, to kindle love and be… Continue reading Song of 8

Of All Its Parts: From Darkness

CHOREOGRAPHY • On the political and aesthetic potential of dream material •CPH. DENMARK • 24th OF FEB – 1st OF MAR, 2020With Of All Its Parts: From Darkness we, the duo two-women-machine-show, conclude our episodic journey into the unknown depths of a shared imagination. The result shows a timeless and transformative figure, whose dancing is a ceaseless flux between someone and another, between… Continue reading Of All Its Parts: From Darkness


CHOREOGRAPHY • On the capacities of human imagination •CPH. DENMARK • 24th-30th OF SEP, 2018 ALITY comes from an enduring question about the possibilities of subversion/utopia. We choose to work in the realm of possibles from which concrete instances come into being. The piece is an experiment in indeterminacy, thin images that appear unbidden and glide between the lines of… Continue reading Ality

Of All Its Parts – ep.1

CHOREOGRAPHY • Scoring for iterations of the unknown •CPH. DENMARK • 3rd OF AUG, 2018   Of All Its Parts is a kaleidoscopic choreography based on the capacities of human imagination and its vivid potentials for presenting us with glimpses of the not-yet-known. With good reason we cannot begin to tell you about the coming dances of this work. Only… Continue reading Of All Its Parts – ep.1

A Solo for the Duo

CHOREOGRAPHY • What is shared virtual space? •BUDAPEST, HUNGARY • 21st OF SEP, 2016 In November 2014 we embarked on a new work in two-women-machine-show. We started out by reading Michael Peterson’s book Straight White Male: Performance Art Monologues (1997), which introduced us to the history of stage monologues and its inherent privileges and conflicts. According to Peterson, the position of… Continue reading A Solo for the Duo

In Between Concrete

CHOREOGRAPHY • “Withdrawal” as performative concept • AARHUS, DENMARK • 23rd-24th OF MAY, 2016 In Between Concrete is a choreographic work that examines the materiality of absence. Four bodies wrapped in fabric begin their restricted movement through space. The constant alternation between form and dissolution creates a sculptural abstraction, replacing the recognisable with the intangible.   PERFORMANCES 201623rd-24th of… Continue reading In Between Concrete

The Physical Order of Power #3

CHOREOGRAPHIC RESEARCH• The Physical Manifestation of Power III • CPH. DENMARK • 1st – 30th OF APR. 2015 Choreographers Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Sara Gebran – together we meet once or twice every year in an ongoing research on the physical manifestation of power. By finding connections between domestic power, electric power and structural power we discuss this… Continue reading The Physical Order of Power #3


CHOREOGRAPHY • The immanent violence embedded in language • AARHUS, DENMARK • 11th OF MAR. 2015TRANS- is a type of ceremony in which the audience is both spectator and participant. The ceremonial setting is a space that allows us to responsibly investigate ‘immanent violence’ – which we have defined as the tyranny embedded in language and… Continue reading TRANS-

The Physical Order of Power #1

Choreographic Research • The Physical Manifestation of Power #1 •CPH. DENMARK • 5th – 12th OF AUG. 2014 •’The Physical Order of Power’ refers to a study circle between choreographers Sara Gebran (VE/LB), Marie-Louise Stentebjerg (DK) and myself. Once or twice a year we meet over the course of 1-2 weeks to openly discuss the physical manifestations… Continue reading The Physical Order of Power #1