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Mass Hysteria

CHOREOGRAPHY • Mass hysteria and unison movement • AARHUS, DENMARK • 19th-22nd OF MAR. 2013Awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation, 2013Mass Hysteria explores the mass hysterical symptoms within choreography, what is also known as ‘unison’. By performing the exact same material, the duo reveals both empathetic and apathetic aspects of crowd culture, through which another unforeseen… Continue Reading

Back to Limbo

CHOREOGRAPHY • Multiplying and layering the “inactive” through performance • CPH. DENMARK • 11th OF JAN. 2012 In Back to Limbo the point of departure stems from a man´s written dislikes of women. Through the use of a loop-machine the recorded text gains in materialty. And in the meeting with the two performers the text is further… Continue Reading

End(Less) Theater

GROUP PERFORMANCE • An endless theatre practice • CPH. DENMARK • 17th-24th OF AUG. 2011Following the conception of RISKs fundamental ideas the festival Merging Grounds (hosted by Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, 17th-24th of August 2011) aimed to create a platform for performativity. Different approaches to performance were presented by using four general categories: LIVE,… Continue Reading

Rebirth of the Critical

Concept : Gabi Basalici, Vlad Basalici, Ida-Elisabeth LarsenFilm, programming, editing and sound: Vlad Basalici & Gabi Basalici)Light: George Chiper-LillemarkProduction: Kir QvortrupSupported by: Dansehallerne, Embassy of Romania in DK, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, CNDB – National Dance Centre of Bucarest Continue Reading


Performance and concept: IDAPERFORMSScenography and video: Joy Sun-Ra PawlPerformers: Kir Qvortrup, Gry RaabyMusic: Timo KreuserProduction: Wunderkammer Continue Reading