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Collective Pace

PERFORMANCE • Collective Pace, a statement from RISK •
CPH. DENMARK • 27th OF OCT, 2016

"Tonight we want to honour the collective effort that surrounds our artistic production. We want to dedicate ourselves to a practice, which aims to stay "in process".
To search for a mode that allows continuous hesitation.
To search for ways that avoids coining "strong meanings".
To stay resistant towards the inherent demand to transform processes into presentable objects.
No more artificial separation of the work we do from our bodies.

Perhaps it is not so much a question of "doing" as it is perhaps a question of "undoing"?
In this zone of hesitation can we avoid evaluation?
Can we avoid stagnant categorisation?
Can we avoid being split between failure and success?
Can we avoid rendering an artificially polished product out of a greater and more unruly whole?
We want to stay with the complications of processual messiness.
Tonight we enter a new phase (...)

By: RISK (Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Gry Raaby, Marie Topp and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen)
Performed at international performance festival WORKS AT WORK at Dansehallerne, Cph. 

Shared RISK

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The Stage that wasn’t There

‘The Stage that wasn’t There’ was RISK’s second initiative to create a platform for new artists, this time both national and international, to share their work in Copenhagen. The event took place at Københavns Musikteater and this time 42 works by almost a hundred participating artists were presented. Like the year before our aim in RISK… Continue Reading


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