The Witness

CHARCOAL DRAWINGS & VIDEO • Documentation of the Virtual • HELSINKI, FINLAND • OPENING: 25th OF NOV. 2017

Shared RISK documentation

Publication • Documenting “Shared BLOG” and the overall project “Shared RISK” • Cph. Denmark • 13th of Sep. 2015In the beginning of the year 2015 RISK invited choreographers affiliated with the scene in Denmark to share their practises in the format of blog posts on RISK’s Shared BLOG. This was an attempt to create a new context for artists… Continue reading Shared RISK documentation

TRANS- documentation

PRINTED POSTERS • Documentation of the process behind TRANS- • CPH. DENMARK • LAUNCH: 18th OF SEP. 2015As artists that primarily work with liveness we have in two-women-machine-show long discussed the practise of documenting work: What is meaningful documentation? What are the different and overlapping purposes of documenting? In an artistic process what kind of value does… Continue reading TRANS- documentation

Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity

PUBLICATION • Documentation of “Collecting thoughts on Collectivity” •CPH. DENMARK • 28th OF APR. – 5th OF FEB. 2016Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity was a more or less loose project, which Fanclub and I formulated in the late months of 2013. Essentially it became a concept that allowed us to gather a handful of reflections on the… Continue reading Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity