pour it

DRAMATURGY • Intimacy, watery habitats and thresholds • ROSKILDE, DENMARK • 20th-22th OF MAY, 2021 ‘pour it’ is a riverine dance performance and stream of friendships and shorelines portraits. A piece that floats between ecosystems, lingers by bodies of water, and dances with ever-changing aspects of love. ‘pour it’ is an extension of the piece… Continue reading pour it

Mountain, Tree, Cloud and Tiger

DRAMATURGY • Inspired by everyday practice in transmigrant societies •BERLIN. GERMANY • 3rd OF OCT – 6th OF OCT, 2019Inspired by Korean migrants of the 1960s and 1970s, Jee-Ae Lim explores everyday practice in transmigrant societies. Individual memories meet cultural memory, ideas of mobility and globalization rub against those of home and tradition. By means of traditional and contemporary dances, four Korean professional… Continue reading Mountain, Tree, Cloud and Tiger


DRAMATURGY • On the sensing body • CPH. DENMARK • 27th OF AUG – 12th OF SEP, 2019 GRAVITY zooms in on the experience of the present moment and explores the potential of the senses and emotions in our meeting with other people. The work is the last part of the trilogy Rethink Ageing and… Continue reading Gravity

WORKS AT WORK: Group works

FESTIVAL • Investigating artistic work as a form of life •CPH. DENMARK • 27th-29th & 31st of OCT, 2016 Are performance groups models of radical aesthetics or radical self-management? Can collective labor be a strategic, structural model for better workers rights, or rather a guarantee of too many and too low fees? And what if we don’t choose our… Continue reading WORKS AT WORK: Group works

WORKS AT WORK: Duo works

FESTIVAL • Investigating artistic work as a form of life • CPH. DENMARK • 28th-31st OF OCT. 2015International performance festival with artist duos, thinkers, students and other workers.Duo works is the second of three international festivals in the series WORKS AT WORK, where artistic work as a form of life is examined. Duo works focuses on the relational… Continue reading WORKS AT WORK: Duo works

TRANS- documentation

PRINTED POSTERS • Documentation of the process behind TRANS- • CPH. DENMARK • LAUNCH: 18th OF SEP. 2015As artists that primarily work with liveness we have in two-women-machine-show long discussed the practise of documenting work: What is meaningful documentation? What are the different and overlapping purposes of documenting? In an artistic process what kind of value does… Continue reading TRANS- documentation

WORKS AT WORK: Solo works

FESTIVAL • Investigating artistic work as a form of life • CPH. DENMARK • 19th-22nd OF NOV. 2014International performance festival with solo artists, philosophers, students and other workers: How many internships and unpaid jobs have we invested in our future? Should we gratefully accept lousy contracts because we love our job? Is the solo artist her own worst… Continue reading WORKS AT WORK: Solo works

Baby it’s you not me

DRAMATURGY • A search for the monstrous • CPH DENMARK •  22nd OF OCT. 2014Are you a monster?Is it in your nature to never succeed?Do you have difficulties communicating with others?Is your form constantly changing?Is it true that you live in the shadows?Amorphous, nameless – An investigation of that which is constantly on the edge, lying in… Continue reading Baby it’s you not me

..dance of Shulamite..

DRAMATURGE • One performer, a light sculpture and seven robot speakers  • OSLO, NORWAY • 14th OF SEP. 2012″..why should you gaze on the dance of Shulamite as on the dance of two armies?..” is an ensemble performance for multiple robots and one dancer. The show looks at the grotesque body imagery in Shir ha-Shirim (from… Continue reading ..dance of Shulamite..


DRAMATURG • An orchestration of a space and all its containing actors  • BERLIN, GERMANY • 28th OF SEP. 2012All along the making of SCREAMS I found myself shyly gazing at it from a slightly reserved distance. It seemed as if every attempt I made to approach it only highlighted a lack of language from my… Continue reading SCREAMS