Song of 8

CHOREOGRAPHY • On the relationship between the visionary and the erotic •CPH. DENMARK • 6th 12th OF MAY, 2021 “Are we like Narcissus crawling through the black light of a forest and stumbling upon our silver face in a pool of water? Cursed to love a hope without a body, to seek and be sought, to kindle love and be… Continue reading Song of 8

Of All Its Parts: From Darkness

CHOREOGRAPHY • On the political and aesthetic potential of dream material •CPH. DENMARK • 24th OF FEB – 1st OF MAR, 2020With Of All Its Parts: From Darkness we, the duo two-women-machine-show, conclude our episodic journey into the unknown depths of a shared imagination. The result shows a timeless and transformative figure, whose dancing is a ceaseless flux between someone and another, between… Continue reading Of All Its Parts: From Darkness