Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity

PUBLICATION • Documentation of "Collecting thoughts on Collectivity"
CPH. DENMARK • 28th OF APR. - 5th OF FEB. 2016

Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity was a more or less loose project, which Fanclub and I formulated in the late months of 2013. Essentially it became a concept that allowed us to gather a handful of reflections on the Collective - the practise of working together in groups. Different from the collaborative form the notion of Collective was approached as the practice that derives from a continuous commitment between people. We were interested in the type of dialogues that exceed singular projects or events.

The concept’s primary proposition was to conduct a series of interviews in the different cities that Fanclub would visit during the tour of their production DEATH. In its practical outcome it lead me to meet both artist collectives and individuals and through them explore subjects such as collective vocabulary, collective organisation and collective practice.

The publication is a testimony of this project. Inside you find the final result consisting of 7 selected interviews, one from each city we visited on the tour. Furthermore the letter we wrote to kick off the project is included - it was written as an appeal to the venues involved in the tour to support our little project by putting us in contact with locals - whether existing collectives or individuals that had some collective experience. Above all this strategy meant that we had little premonition as to who we’d encounter on the way. The outcome unfolded as a type of informal conversations, where different concepts, assumptions and memories connected to the notion of collective were shared.


Interviews with: RISK (DK), PotatoPotato (SE), Jesper De Neergaard (DK), ÖFA (SE), 16 Lovers (IS), Det Feröshe Companie (FO), Maija Hirvanen (FI)

Supported by: Nordic Culture Fund, The Danish Arts Foundation

Thanks to: MDT, Dansstationen, Dansehallerne, Bora Bora, Tjarnarbíó, The Nordic House on the Faroe Islands, Full Moon Dance Festival, all the people who showed up to the artist talks in every city, Jacob Grønbech Jensen, Arman Teymouri Niknam, Jefre Scott, Jens Christian Jensen, E.K.K.O, Reykjavik Dance Atelier, Panu Varstala, Gudmundur Ingi Thorvaldsson