DRAMATURGY • On the sensing body •
CPH. DENMARK • 27th OF AUG - 12th OF SEP, 2019

GRAVITY zooms in on the experience of the present moment and explores the potential of the senses and emotions in our meeting with other people.

The work is the last part of the trilogy Rethink Ageing and is performed by Sisse Lunøe (69 years old) and Snorre Jeppe Hansen (27 years old) or Sisse Lunøe (69 years old) and her husband Lars Bjertrup (62 years old).

A large rose-colored sculpture out of metal - 7 meters in size - is the performer's partner and opponent on stage. The sculpture is suspended from the center of the ceiling and is affected by its balance point and the power of gravity. The audience sits in a circle formation enclosing the performers. By being in close proximity to the performers the audience is given the opportunity to make eye contact with the dancers during the performance.

Central to GRAVITY is the examination of the sensing body, and the effect the senses have on our self-perception, others, and the world that surrounds us.

27th of Aug-12th of Sep. Åbne Scene, Århus, DK.

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Nønne Mai Svalholm
Dancers: Sisse Lunøe (69 years old), Snorre Jeppe Hansen (27 years old), Lars Bjertrup (62 years old)
Composer: Olga Szymula
Dramaturge: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen
Technical and Light Design Assistant: Ise Klysner Kjems
Visual Identity and Light Design: Nønne Mai Svalholm
Sculpture/Mobile Design: Nønne Mai Svalholm
Manufacturer of Sculpture/Mobile: Eigil Ege - The Metal Workshop at Godsbanen
Technical Drawings and Construction Assist: René Hansen/CEO & Founder of Roon & Rahn
Film and Photography: Michael Dinesen

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Fonden, Aage, Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond.