Idle No More

Conceptual performance • Multi-layering • Idyl • Video • Turku, Finland • 2013

Danish visual artist Stine Marie Jacobsen questioned random passersby about their personal idyll. In her video work for the Turku Biennale she invited a small group of strangers, including me, to create small idyllic tales inspired by the responses she had gathered in the street. The sound of the performance was edited by musician Nis Bysted from the band Thulebasen and the video is edited following the sound. The project Idle No More is an “Exquisite Corpse” and more versions was made of Jacobsen’s version during the exhibition by artists such as American Phillip Stearns and Irish artist Doireann O’Malley.

By: Stine Marie Jacobsen
Starring: Strangers
Exhibited at Turku Biennalen, 2013