In Between Concrete

CHOREOGRAPHY • "Withdrawal" as performative concept •
AARHUS, DENMARK • 23rd-24th OF MAY, 2016

In Between Concrete is a choreographic work that examines the materiality of absence. Four bodies wrapped in fabric begin their restricted movement through space. The constant alternation between form and dissolution creates a sculptural abstraction, replacing the recognisable with the intangible.


23rd-24th of may, BORA BORA, Aarhus DK.
27th-29th of may, Dansehallerne, Cph. DK.
3rd-4th of jun, Det Frie Felts Festival, Cph. DK
31st-2nd of sep, Momentum, Odense DK

Concept, Choreography and Performance: RISK (Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Marie Topp, Gry Raaby)
Choreography Assistant: Olivia Riviere
Dramaturgical consultant: Igor Dobričić

Space and light: Hanna Reidmar
Sound composition: Kyan Bayani
PR and production: Kir Qvortrup
International coordinator: Kamma Siegumfeldt
Co-production: BORA BORA-Dans og Visuelt Teater, Teater Momentum
Administration: Lone Vibe Pedersen / Projektcentret Dansehallerne
In residency: WELD, Reaktor - Republique.
Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Fonden, Spot-on/Dansehallerne, Knud Højgaards Fond, Odense Kommune By- og Kulturforvaltningen, Aarhus Kommune - Kulturforvaltningen, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg

Thank you: Steve Purcell, Rosemary Butcher, Luis Lara Malvacias, Movement Research at Judson Church, Anna Koch, Susan Evans, Laura Laukkanen, Marie Moberg, Matilde Mørk, Sandra Liaklev, Karis Zidore Christensen