pour it

DRAMATURGY • Intimacy, watery habitats and thresholds •
ROSKILDE, DENMARK • 20th-22th OF MAY, 2021

'pour it' is a riverine dance performance and stream of friendships and shorelines portraits. A piece that floats between ecosystems, lingers by bodies of water, and dances with ever-changing aspects of love.

'pour it' is an extension of the piece 'drivtømmer' [driftwood] from 2019 and continues the inquiry into intimacy, watery habitats, and thresholds. The work circulates around transformations and portals – choreographic actions that serve as portals into other stages of being, the possibility of assuming the shape of the other and giving in to transformation.

'pour it' and 'drivtømmer' are echoes of many years of friendship and dances.