The Physical Order of Power #3

CHOREOGRAPHIC RESEARCH• The Physical Manifestation of Power III •
CPH. DENMARK • 1st - 30th OF APR. 2015

Choreographers Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Sara Gebran - together we meet once or twice every year in an ongoing research on the physical manifestation of power. By finding connections between domestic power, electric power and structural power we discuss this theme as a constant materiality expressed on multiple levels at the same time. The first cycle investigated "super exposure of light" (electric power) and the second cycle took its point of departure in the theme of "reflection" (power of knowledge).

This cycle of our investigation was formulated around the question of how light moves the body (inner power), through 5 steps; Light Meditation, Voiced Verbalization, Written Verbalization, Categorization, Materialization. The process allowed us to visit an infinite landscape, where we let ourselves be guided by an imagined light that empowered us moving through landscapes of multiple matters. Starting from expanding our internal space in all directions, and from there moving into a physical articulation, we located different properties of the imaginary space in which we found ourselves. From this process we produced a script for performative instructions: a process which implies endless distribution, categorization and recategorization; a space where set references are constantly formed and reformed.

"The potential of this appearance was endless like the production of our imagination - Potentiality as a non actualized palette of possibilities - Potential: it overflows the possible - Between potentialities and actualization - Encounters with impossibilities - The virtual only lets itself concretize in small bits at a time."

Choreographers: Sara Gebran, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen
Dramaturge and performance theorist: Paula caspao
In residency: Laboratoriescenen, Dansehallerne
Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, KUV - The National School of Performing Arts