Magazine • Connecting universities • RUC, Denmark • 2009-

TIDskrift [TIMEscript] is an online magazine for undergraduate students within the field of philosophy in Denmark. It is a place where undergraduates can develop their philosophical interests - both in extension of their academic work, but also without regard to the fixed curriculum at their universities. Prior to this platform it was virtually impossible to have your work published in Denmark as an undergraduate student. I instigated this project by connecting myself with other like minded philosophy students cross five Danish universities. Together we formed the first editorial team in 2009.

TIDskrift offers philosophy students opportunities to gain experience - to improve and publish texts through a system that connects writers and reviewer's between different universities. The purpose of the magazine is fundamentally to strengthen the academic environment within the field of philosophy in Denmark as well as the relation between the country's philosophy students. The primary focus lies on the publications and the discussions on papers, but the editorial group also arranges regular philosophical theme nights, which are open to everyone.

Supported by: Roskilde University, Copenhagen University, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, Danish School of Education, Dansk Filosofisk Selskab