Open platform • Adressing the community • Cph. Denmark • 20th of June, 2009

In 2009 we saw a critical need for an open platform in Copenhagen that would support not only young progressive artists, but also promote more dialogue between different artistic fields. As members of the collective RISK we developed R:R:E - a platform with an aim to create fertile grounds for new collaborations to happen, for community building, for more focused and critical debating and simply for the sake of artistic exchange. The platform took place in a single house; in every room and corner of it as well as on the surrounding rooftops and the square in front of it. Video artists, performance artists, dancers, musicians, theatre directors, set-designers, visual artists and circus artists contributed to the evening long programme. We developed this platform further the following year under the title 'The Stage that wasn't There'.

RISK is an artist collective consisting of Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Marie Topp, Gry Raaby and myself. Over the last 6 years we have developed our collective thinking together alongside practising as solo artists and in the duo two-women-machine-show (Larsen and Stentebjerg). Since 2009, where we held our first platform, we’ve hosted a series of events that investigate Space and Availability. It is on the one hand an interest in finding sustainable ways for the choreographic community in Denmark to share their resources in terms of space and research, and on the other hand, it is a place from which we draw artistic inspiration for both the collective and our individual practises. More info on RISK here

Concept and organisation by: RISK
Supported by: Københavns Kommunes Projektpulje and Vesterbro Lokalpulje.